You will be creating wikis to help you build your research and your project, and to make the process more interactive and transparent.

Try to select the very best, most relevant, most credible evidence to support your research. Own your wiki. Ask questions. Embed widgets and RSS feeds to keep your research current. Add images and media.
Share your wiki’s address with your mentors. Invite discussion!
Feel free to create additional pages that make sense for your research.

Begin your journey and sign up for and start your wiki @ Wikispaces for Teachers. (Starting at this link ensures that your wiki will be ad-free.)
Remember to invite Mr. Alexander and Dr. Valenza into your wikis: and

Please create the following pages:
(Dr. V will guide you through the logistics)

Driving questions
Topic brainstorm mind map
Title, introduction, scope
Initial Proposal
New vocabulary
Search terms, tags
Working thesis
Preliminary sources (annotated)
Primary sources
Journal, magazine articles (annotated)
Books, ebooks, reference sources (annotated)
Social-networking leads, experts (Twitter, Nings, etc.)
News RSS feeds
Media (video, art, audio, etc.)
Progress reports
Final proposal
Working draft
Final paper
Conclusions and findings